From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships

This book by Marnia Robinson is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding sexual relationships. If you want to improve your relationship, this book is for you. With examples from her own relationship Odyssey Marnia shows in an entertaining way that we are biologically programmed to fail unless we focus on bonding rather than on orgasms in our relationships. She backs up this message with solid scientific evidence.

 Read Chapter One - Biology Has Plans for Your Love Life

Download Chapter Six - The Road to Excess, which explains how sex can become compulsive (pdf 329 k)

Here are two excerpts from the book:

 Excerpt 1

Hit by Cupid’s arrow! What an exhilarating, enviable state of affairs.
Like everyone else, you want to believe that the key to lasting
romantic bliss is a partner with whom you feel a passion so intense
that it can never fade. Yet, have you ever fallen in love with total abandon,
experienced wonderful lovemaking, been sure you wanted to stay together
forever—and then noticed recurring emotional friction arising between
you and your beloved? If you’re married, do you have a sense that the honeymoon
is over? Perhaps one of you sometimes becomes clingy and
demanding while the other feels devoured and needs “space. ”Maybe you
experience subtle, periodic irritation, or a sense of stagnation that is gradually
extinguishing your former delight in each other. Perhaps you engage
in spectacular fights interspersed with passionate reconciliation.

This subconscious alienation—which mates so often encounter despite
their desire to remain in love—is the result of an unsuspected poison on
Cupid’s arrow.

 Excerpt 2

Consider what happens when you drop a male rat into a cage with a receptive
female rat. First you’ll see a frenzy of copulation. (Possibly it gets lonely
in the lab, given experiments like this one.) After a while, the fireworks stop.
Mr. Rat heads for the recliner, toting the remote. As a result of his changed
body chemistry, Mrs. Rat now looks uninteresting to him. However, if Miss
Ratty (a new female) shows up, his exhaustion will miraculously fade long
enough for him to gallantly attempt his fertilization duties.
A rodent’s renewable virility is not indicative of an insatiable libido.
Nor does it increase his well-being—although it may look (and temporarily
feel to him) that way. His behavior correlates with surges of neurochemicals
in his tiny brain, which command him to leave no willing female

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$US18.95, paperback, 391 pp. 6 x 9. ISBN: 978-1-55643-809-7, North Atlantic Books. Release date: June 23, 2009

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